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Happy New Year! 2014! Lol late post!

I know this is late but.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Lol so I am working out and I am also trying to do face routines so that I can get a better flawless like face! Tired of dark spots and acne! Makes me sick! Lol I can’t wait to post things about my weight loss journey!! And of course fashion! I am taking a year odd from Grad school.. I am deciding to just work and build my resume and put in applications everywhere for another wonderful producing/ radio job! I will update soon! :) just wanted to do this short post! Sorry there are really no punctuation lol! Toodle lou for now!

Djlove aka Rena

I want the one on the right!!!lol
This was a Halloween picture! I was Bellatrix Lestrange … However… It is seductive :);)
Diploma & Bday!

Hello :) 

Okay! So got my early bday present from the University I was attending :) MY DIPLOMA! YEAH BABYYYY!!! DONE! I am official done.. well I have to walk Dec. 13th (because my school does not do summer ceremonies) I am so excited about this :) So excited! I cannot wait to walk! & to top it all off my BDAY IS TOMORROW!!! what what! I am excited about this upcoming weekend! the start of celebrating all month long :)!!! I will update on what I did! and post pictures along with my sisters wedding pictures :) talk soon tumblr! ALSOOOOOOOOOOO I am doing a Diet protein shake! I like the way it taste! it is WHEY advance protein shake! I am taking it to replace breakfast for sure and then replace either lunch or dinner::) I will have a small measured out lunch or dinner! so that is exciting as well! YAY for getting healthy! I really want to change before I am mid way through my twenties! I want to be sexy! LOL haha smoochies

Karena aka Rena 

p.s. I have decided to not post really long blog post on tumblr for the time being.. I think I am going to focus on posting things that i like! encouragements with getting healthier! and just fashion :) I will post little things like I did above for your enjoyment now and then! especially with major things or things I would like to just briefly share :D Talk soon!